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NO ONE can TOUCH my bed!
by: Anonymous

I feel the same way!!! My family didn't believe me, or that I had a phobia of this until I caught my mom sleeping in it when I got home late one night... I completely flipped! I got in so much trouble; she took my phone, tv, and books! And the worst part is that they still don't understand and think I am crazy. I don't understand them! Doesn't everyone have a pet peeve at the least? I think it is unjust to judge someone especially your family at this magnitude for something that they (me) cannot control.

beds are a private sanctuary
by: keenan

I feel your pain when someone touches or goes on my bed or I even find out about it I have to wash everything because I think that it is all dirty I can't even go on my bed without showering. Your bed is a sanctuary people should respect that.

I know
by: Meiko

I know your feelings well. If I found that someone has touched my bed or if someone touches it, I go into a frenzy, I wash EVERYTHING on my bed right away, no questions asked. I cannot stand anyone sleeping on the bed with me either. So you are not alone my friend.

I know right!!!
by: Anonymous

OMG! same for me too! i really dont like it because i feel like they are dirty and they are going to make my bed dirty and i really hate it.

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