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Omg, I thought I was the only one!
by: Erin

I have that too! I can't let people take my socks off or even try to. It makes me feel really sick and uncomfortable. Me and my mate were play torturing each other and she wanted to take my socks off to tickle my feet but I kicked out and gave her a black eye. Awkward. But its good to know I'm not alone x

by: Samantha

My best bet is it's a unique phobia to you, since some people develop their own odd or weird fears. In my opinion you should try rationalizing it. Try and figure out what you don't like about it and maybe you can over-come it. You could get someone you know to take your socks off when you're fully aware they're doing it and it might not be so bad, and you can try to get over it. :)

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