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Freak Out
by: Anonymous

I have the same issue! I flip out whenever anyone is chasing me! Even if I know who it is, and why and when and dosent matter! My heart feels like it flies into my throat and I feel like Im having a heart attack! It helps alittle to try and think rationally about the situation and know you shouldnt be frightened.

by: Anonymous

Oh my god i'm so happy to read that i'm not alone!!!! i've always been scared of people chasing me or just running/walking behind me!! the worst is on stairs!! I usually just freak out and run away or hide!! I can never play tag, but it's not bad in running competitons, it somehow doesn't work then.. My friends are really having fun with it and always laughing at me.. I'd really like to know what is this phobia called!!

Whew..i'm not alone!
by: Freaked out!

I have the exact same issue! I fuhhreak out whenever it happens! I also have it so bad I just hate when people come up behind me and i'm expecting it..I will honestly get a heart attack everytime that happens! My friend will come up behind me all the time and even if he just says something I will spazz or sometimes ik he's there and when he does something it'll freak me the hell out! But back to chasing..even if I start running upstairs to grab somethin and my dog starts to follow me I will book it upstairs run in my room and slam the door shut! I can't breathe regularly for a good 10 minutes...we need to find a name for this! It's obvious we're not alone..and we can't be the only ones!

by: Anonymous

Oh, my God! I have the same thing! I never can play tag or anything. Hell, I can chase other people but if I'm chased, I freak out! It's terrible, because you're scared of the running and you're trying to run away from the running and...I don't know. It's really weird.

by: Anonymous

i have the same problem too, its so scary when people chase me. and i looked everywhere to find the phobia. i can't find it anywehere

by: Whitney

Oh my god!!!!!!!! i have the same exact thing but i have no idea why.
its so scary.
litteraly my and my dad will just be messing around and he will start chasing me and i will litteraly be so scared i will start crying.
i cant even play tag... thats pathetic,

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