Phobia of overflowing toilets

My phobia is of overflowing toilets and after reading through your list I failed to see this as a phobia. I ask that you recognize this as a true phobia and officialize into your list. If you would like to know how I can consider this a true phobia I will provide you with how my life is affected by this phobia. If I walk into a restroom and the water level in the toilet is higher or lower than it should be I will not use it I will walk away and wait. If I know a toilet is already clogged I would rather pay $200 to a plumber than even attempt to fix it myself. I can not be anywhere near or within ear shot while the toilet is being fixed. I do anything and everything to avoid even the possibility of this occurance. Finally, before I agree to move into any house I check the flush power in the toilets.

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