Phobia of Opened Doors When I'm Asleep

by Jasmine
(Sault Ste Marie ON Canada)

My name is Jasmine and a few nights ago I was just about to go to sleep and as I walked into my room I forgot to close my door like I usually do. I turned my lamp on to read a little bit like I usually do, and as I crawled into bed I started to read. When I started to get the feeling like someone was watching me I looked toward the door. All of a sudden all of the horror movies I've ever watched started to flood back to me and I became extremely frightened to look at that open door, let alone get up and close it. When I pulled the blankets over my head I started to get the feeling that some crazed serial killer that escaped from an insane assylum was quietly walking toward me with a knife ready to pounce. But when I got really freaked out I looked to see if the murderer was really there. When I looked at the door I kept on seeing some man in a white coat peering around the door and looking into my room. Ever since then I've made sure to close my door, but if I accindentally forget I end up sleep deprived and scared out of my freaking mind.

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