Phobia of Needles

by abbey

when i tell people i have a phobia of needles they laugh at me because my ears are double pierced. But i think ear rings and needles are way different because when u get a needle its either taking blood or putting something in you.

my fear of needles is so bad that when its time for me to get a shot my parents get in a fight over who is going to take me. the last time i got one it was for middle school because i haven't had chicken pox and before i got it about nine nurses and 3 doctors were chasing me around the hospital because i refused to get one, eventually some people from the er caught me when i turned a corner and it took all of them to hold me still for it.

i cant watch reality TV because if i see a needle going into skin i scream and run to my mom or dad.and i can never become a nurse or vet because of my fear even though i want a job where i can help people or animals.

when my sister in law had a baby i went to see her in the hospital and then i saw the iv thing in her arm and i fainted. when i woke up my family was laughing at me because they think it is funny.

trust me it is not fun being a 14 year old with a phobia of needles because my parents think that cancer vaccinations are the best way to be safe. but i still haven't gotten one because my parents don't want the drama of having people chase me through the hospital.

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