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Phobia of Near Earth Asteroids
by: Anonymous

Hi Tammy,
I know how you feel. I am Genaral Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder and OCD. I too am terrified of Asteroids hitting earth. It was on the news today and It sent me into a panic - again, but not for long. Last year I was lucky to be a part of a group which enabled me to take part in cognative behavioral therapy. They teach you many techniques on dealing with your fears.My fear of "space", asteroids, meteors etc was so bad I couldnt even look up into the sky. . . imagine that, being terrified of looking into the beautiful blue sky. I spent 6 months working on being able to look up, looking at the stars and the moon and the beautiful blue sky. The probability of an Asteroid hitting earth probably is possible but don't forget that meteors and space debris hit the earth all the time.

I don't have all the answers for you, but please don't be afraid. Just remember that the media is just that "media" they all want to sell a story, they all want us to watch their channel they all want us to hear what they have to say. They sensationalise things all the time in order to get people to listen.

Don't be afraid. You are safe and you will have a long and happy life.

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