Phobia of Nail Polish

by Brian

I wrote this as a reply to someone else's but I didn't see it post, so I'm putting here also, just in case.

Fear of/Obsession with nail polish and nails in general.

I have a difficult time even saying it or hearing the words - especially with the word "finger" attached. I had a hard time just typing it in the Google bar to see if anyone else has the same phobia. The worst is when it's chipped. I don't like long or rounded nails either, but for me, it may also be a bit of a filia (fascination) as I also cannot look away and obsess on it. I'm afraid this will inhibit me getting into a relationship. I'm 43 and have been single for plenty of my life. Would hypnosis work to get over this? I'd rather figure out where the hell it came from and deal with it. I've had it as long as I can remember, at least since I was 7 or 8. No sisters, mom never wore it or any make up (I hate all make up). Fake nails are even worse. Help!

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