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by: Anonymous

I have had phobia to ALL kinds of explosions since the very moment I got conscience of myself, and that phobia has conditioned my life in ways that can only be undertood by persons that suffered from the same problem.
I am a member of a group of ligirophobics who form an internet community called APARTE in which participate 180 people from different Spanish-speaking countries. In this forum we talk about our experiences, our attemps to be cured, and discuss a project of creating a legal association in Spain.
In order to share experiences, we are very interested in direct contact with people from other parts of the world, affected by this same kind of phobia. I would be very pleased to inform the other members of my community about me being succesfull in this purpose.

This time at Mcdonald's
by: Anonymous

well i find your story really interesting because I just had came from the fair and it was late and i was really sleepy and obviously i was really excited and all hyper i started laughing at everything.then i had to pee REALLY bad i could not hold it so i came in the bathroom and to my dismay was ALL automatic except for the lights.i was litterally thinking about using it in the sinks. what i had to do was pull down my pants and pee on the drain they have in every stall it was soooooo awkward but it was worth it.i had a lot of urine i tried to cover it up by getting paper towels and covering them.but i failed.Luckily we were leaving so i guess the manager will never know....

(my moments)

By the way i'm a 14 year old girl :)

fear of loud noises too.
by: Anonymous

I feel the same as you.
I hate vacuuming, white noise on the television, a skipping cd. Even the loud drip of the last bit of water coming out of the shower.
I ESPECIALLY can't stand the noise the water makes at the end of a bath as the suction pulls it down the drain.
I hated my screaming baby :(
I detest th enoise of a blender and never make my kids smoothies.
Fire alarms freak me out as does the sound of a glass bottle dropping into the trash or recycling.

I just thought I had hyper sensitive hearing


Blinking red lights
by: Jay

I too share this phobia of blinking red lights, it stems from a recurring nightmare I used to have where everything would go so quiet my ears would ring and a small red light would slowly blink on and off. I never figured out the source of this nightmare but it was a frequent thing when I was young. It's terrible to have a phobia of this as my washing machine has a blinking red light as a signal that it's done. It's not fun being terrified of a washing machine at night when you're 17...

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