phobia of locusts

by Jodi Jade
(South Africa)

Hi, i have a genuine phobia of locusts. I am not just scared of them, i have an unreal fear of the thought of being near one or touching one. I have actually become so afraid of them, i have revolved my whole life around them in the way that i do things in order not to come into contact with one. i live on a farm in south africa and it is now summer and it gets really hot and needless to say our farm is covered in locusts! i do my best to avoid them but the other day i stood on a huge locust, i started screaming, crying and breathing uncontrollably with the ergent need to wash my foot because it had touched a locust. this phobia is just getting worse as i no longer even want to go outside anymore and it is affecting my whole life! i dont know what to do, please give suggestions

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