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mutual feelings
by: Ahmed Sudan

I also have the same problem of locusts . I can't live that forever .. This is the most bad feeling at all.

The strory of my life!
by: Anonymous

I would easily fight a mad dog, an army of huge roaches and family of mice but would run away from a flying locust.

Yestarday one invaded my bedroom. Slept after two hours after making sure it flew away, through the
open window.

Who wouldnt be?
by: Anonymous

Ewwwwww! Yuck! Those things are nasty! Move far away and don't let any sneak in your luggage....

by: Kimber

i am also COMPLETELY TERRIFIED of them!!!!

by: Anonymous

i agree

by: lois

i feel the same way....i actually hyper ventilate when i see one....its sooo there a cure

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