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by: Anonymous

I have a similar problem that is brought about when my chemicals start to get out of sorts. It usually gets bad enough to affect my life when I have a bad nights sleep or don't get enough nutrition. If you find any way to get help let me know. It has caused me to loss several jobs due to the fact that on those days I get scared to talk to anyone much less get out of the house so I end up not calling in. Tomorrow I am going to try and explain it to my current boss but I don't know if that will help. Wish me luck.

sorry for the rambling
by: Anonymous

im 19 and its been five yrs since ive left the house or spoken to anybody that isnt my mum, brother or 4yr old nephew, lol. im sick of not having friends and of being alone all the time. i didnt do my gcses as i left school at 14 (which i deeply regret). i would love to be able to do that and get a job and make friends but even the thought scares the crap out of me.

mum came home with the news that she wants me to go see somebody about it and now doesnt understand why im feeling andry and frustrated with her and everything.

im tired of being alone but i dont know what to do. knowing theres others the same makes me feel a little less like an weirdo. still its hard and i completely understand how you feel.

i hope things work out for you.

dont give up
by: Anonymous

hey sorry to hear you feel so down over this make friends on the net and think about a internet business just take one day at a time i have agoraphobia now for 8 years so i know the feelings well you look a nice guy dont give up this site is excellent for help i fully recommend it angie

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