Phobia of Koala

by Grace
(Michigan, USA)

I have a phobia of koalas. I can put up with cartooney looking ones such as most stuffed animals, but the live creatures scare me due to their claws, snouts, and teeth. My family loves to tease me about it and act like I am bizarre because of it, for example my mom loves to email me pictures of live koalas randomly and if shopping or something and one of my sisters finds a koala on a t-shirt or a stuffed animal they like to wave it in my face in attempt to disturb me. I have dated the fear back to when I was in kindergarten, because I had watched a movie with a koala in it in school and then later had a nightmare where one attacked me in my sleep. I have yet to learn the official title of the fear/phobia, but know that I am not the only one out there; there's a facebook page dedicated to the creepiness of koalas for pete's sake.

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