Phobia of Jewelry

I have an intense phobia of jewelry. I'm 13 and all my friends wear it constantly. They ask me why I don't have my ears pierced, they think my parents won't let me, but the truth is I just don't want. (Not that it is the pain factor.) If I hug someone and touch their earing or knecklace I shudder aand sort of have a miniature freak-out. I can't even stomach frendship bracelets my best friend wanted us to get. I hate people getting me jewelry for my birthday, I had my party a couple of weeks ago and my friend got me 2 really popular knecklaces which disgusted me even to pick up and move. I'm just sick of being repelled by it constantly. I've had it ever since I can remember and I would just like to know why. If anyone has any ideas on this, why I have it, what I can do to prevent it please post something. It would be greatly appreciated.

By Amelia Hiscock XXX :-)

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