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why jewelry?
by: Hans

I have the same phobia. As a kid my sister dropped an earing in a bowl we used to eat out of it all the time. I was sickened by the thought of using it and made a point not to for the 10 or 15 years until I moved out. When I go back to my folks to visit I still am repulsed by the idea of food from that bowl. She also would touch jewelry to anything she wanted for herself and that was enough for me to let her have what ever it was.
I wondered why I had this phobia from a very young age. I theorized that I must have choked on jewelry or been punished for putting it in my mouth. I was satisfied with the theory and went on to overcoming it by touching it even if it repulsed me. I became less affected by the phobia and it didnt interfere with my life as much but I still had the phobia.
Several years ago it came up in a conversation with my dad. It turns out he had the same phobia. I dont think he had it as bad as me and I think he was able to get over ituch more than me. Well this made my theory much less likely. At this point I get by ok with jewelry and my current theory is in limbo. I wonder if anyone else has any theory on the subject.

Just read magazine article about this phobia
by: Anonymous

Just read an aricle (written by an acquaintance) in the Dec 2012/Jan 2013 issue of BUST magazine which describes Phobia of Jewelry.

by: Anonymous

I can't stand girls wearing any type of jewlery except earrings. Especially necklaces. It really disgusts me, and i don't know why. Why would women want to wear that kind of stuff, it's not fucking hot.. It's just to impress their girl friends. I used to like a girl, but now she's started to use this silver cross necklace. And i dont find her as attractive anymore. I think there is something wrong with me. I kind of feel myself getting angry of the thought of girls wearing accessories.

by: ross


Me too
by: Anonymous

Always been weary of it. Cannot and will not touch any jewelry. Only exception might be my own wedding ring if I ever get married.

I hate wearing it
by: Anonymous

I really hate it when it heats up from body heat or when someone has touched it, OMG get it away! I am also afraid of girly thinks, like wearing nail polish. Jewelry without metal, like made with string is ok, but metal omg omg omg

I am glad im not alone
by: Anonymous

I always thought I was alone, I love fashion and beauty but I hate the feel of necklaces on my neck, rings and bracelets are ok, but I hate necklaces if they are made from metal. I can wear them as long as they are not touching my skin. I hate when my skin gets hot and then the jewelry gets hot, eeeeewwww!.

thank goodness
by: Anonymous

I have it too... If I touch it I have to run the area that it touched. and I cry if i have to put any on for any length of time. Luckily my direct family tries to understand, but its incredibly awkward to explain why as a girl i dont want my ears pierced or to ask someone not to hold your hand because they were wearing a ring you dont want to touch. I get mad anxious, and tense up. even when reading a magazine, if the person on the cover is wearing jewlery i go to lengths not to touch the section where it is. when and reading other people on this site talk about jewlery is making me uncomfortable [aka rubbing my hands haha] Hang in there!!! We are a small group of phobics!!

by: Anonymous

I didn't know there were people like me. I hate necklaces. They make me feel nasty and make me wanna throw up. I don't want to be around anyone who wears them either. Thank God I'm not alone.

Wow, I always thought I was alone in this...
by: Anonymous

For as long as I can remember I have really disliked jewelry. I even have the same problem with some similar objects like shiny buttons and pins. It makes me feel disgusted and dirty anywhere it touches my skin. Any time it touches me, I compulsively rub the area as if I am trying to remove some kind of filth. I'll sometimes even try to wash with soap even though I know I am not washing anything off. I've never told anyone about it because I've always been afraid to be seen as weird. I'm glad I'm not completely alone on this.

Thought I Was the Only One !
by: Anonymous

I honestly thought I was the only one that experienced this. Everything you guys are saying I can totally relate to and it's been this way since I was born, even when I got my like baby bracelets and rings I refused to touch them. I can't even keep jewelry boxes in my room. I am a competitive dancer and my small group suggested that we were earrings for our dance this year and I broke down and cried right in the middle of class and they all thought I was nuts. My mom thinks it's for attention because even my doctor thinks it is weird, so glad this thing has a name so I can prove that I'm not that crazy. lol

Thank god I'm not alone!
by: Bless

I thought I was the only one experiencing it. I've always been afraid of it, it gives me goosebumbs especially when someone asked me to help put or put out their necklace or their earrings, it's making me sick. I hated it more especially when they put it on and their sweating like hell ... Oh my gawd, I wanted to puke! I can still hold jewelries once their new and not being used but once someone or I use it ... I began to despise it sooo much. It's disgusting.

by: Anonymous

Apparantly it is called Kosmimaphobia. I thought that i was the only one with this phobia and when people found out that I had the phobia they thought i was wired and I was making it up! I get shivera and i feel sick when some one mentions jewelry never mind when i touch it or see it! I once ran out infront of a road because I was being chased with Jewlery and i really wanted to get away from it!

by: Matt Fanning

I cant stand to look at it, and i never touch it or let it touch me. It makes me sick to my stomach and i get very aggitated.

by: Anonymous

Oh my gosh, i hate it. When i feel it in my hands, it makes me shudder. Or when my friend tells me to hold her necklace for a second, im like, OH HELL NO. Also, whwn i was little, whenever my mom would say "necklace" i would scream. Lol. It just feels really wierd, and its lile nails on a chalkboard to me.

jewellery phobia
by: Anonymous

My whole life I've hated to think about, look or even (cringe) touch jewelery. I lose my appetite if I'm eating with someone who is wearing a necklace, ring, bracelet or earrings that are made of metal. I remember being forced to wear a gold bracelet at a young age for a family event, and I couldnt even do it. Even while I type this right now I cringe at the thought. Everyone thinks I'm weird because of this. What is this phobia called?

fear of jewelry
by: chris T

I had it my whole life and family has teased me thought I was the only one. I don't like to touch it or dangly busy pieces makes me gag

I so agree
by: Anonymous

You are definitely not alone, not only do all objects in this category make me feel sick, I hate looking at it, will scratch my damn skin off if I accidentally touch any, and I cannot even stand to hear or say the words describing these objects. I do not believe that there is a name for it. That's ok though, it would probably be a name that would sound similarly greasy and disgusting to me. LOL So glad I am not alone!

We are not alone!
by: Betty

Oh Lord yes! Anything that comes close to me makes me feel physically sick! It's not just personal adornments either, it's all sorts of things, i can't pull the plug out of a bath & my flesh literally crawls when i have no choice but to get in to a bath that has a plug chain on far as i'm concerned, the water is contaminated! I also have a lot of trouble sitting near anyone with it on, or walking behind them. I have a strange fear that it's contaminating the very air around it! I'm a 40 year old woman & i have had this fear since i can remember. I've also had some memorable moments on holiday when stall owners lunge at you with it & it comes close to fisty-cuffs in fear!

Asperger's and Jewelry Phobia
by: AspieFriend

My friend has asperger's and he is deeply afraid of and revolted by jewelry.

by: Anonymous

Just the other day I realized I had a phobia of jewelry, and I've had it all my life. I never thought twice about it being a phobia, nor did I want people to know about it. I had always just touched it, or looked at it and dealt with the discomfort. A couple days ago I thought this could be a phobia I have, and others might have it too. I'm glad to find out other people are as weird as I am.Thanks

ewwy earrings
by: gina

oh my goodness! i didn't realize there were other people like me! rings don't bother me because they're more solid but earrings or anything delicate and metal Freaks me out and makes me shiver!

Gross Gross Gross!
by: Anonymous

As long as I could remember, I've always hatedd the feel of jewelry and anything silvery... I thought it was just me, IT'S COOL THAT THERE ARE OTHERS!

by: Laurie

I hav the same thing i dnt no how old you are but im eleven and at my age everyone in my class is really into jewlery and necklaces i dont much mind bracelets or earing but i too hate when people put their necklaces into their mouth
I hav gotten over it a bit i was worse a couple of years ago but it hasnt gotten better lately and it might be getting worse and i dont wanna tell any of my friends because i didn't know anyone else had it i used to feel like there was something wrong with me and i'd be like this even when im grown up but maybe i can get past it and not feel so different

I thought i was the only one that felt this way
by: Anonymous

I have the same feelings. I thought I was the only person and everyone thinks im crazy. When i was little i use to see my sister put her neclace in her mouth and it just makes me sick to this day. I don't want to touch or even look at any type of metal jewelry. Is there a name bor this phobia?

by: Anonymous

I always thought I was weird for feeling this way! I hate jewelry, it's so gross. Earrings and rings especially freak me out. I will not touch it and I just shutter from the sight or even the thought of it. eww eww eww. I don't even like talking about it. I can deal with bracelets and necklaces but it can't be real gold or silver. I don't know why! and if i do wear a necklace it has to be very long and stop near my belly button. WHAT'S THIS PHOBIA, if it's even a phobia, CALLED?

So do i
by: charyen

i have that fear as well... i don't feel like overcoming it
it disgusts me always... i mean jewelry

I have the same phobia! :O
by: Anonymous

I too feel the same about jewellery. I hate it apart from earrings they're not too bad but it really makes me feel sick - and when people put it in their mouths - just as you described, disgusting! I really don't like coins either - I think it must be because I don't like jewellery.
I really wanna know if there is a name for it.

by: Anonymous

I have the exact same thing I can't eat near tat nor can bear the sight of jewelry especially small plastics and metals designs.

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