Do You Suffer From
Phobia Of Holes?

Phobia of holes refers to a fear of voidance or emptiness. It is also the fear of falling down. However, it is very difficult to say from where does this fear of holes originate.

Jan Heering

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Very often, we feel as if we are falling down especially when we are dreaming. Such an experience instantly astounds us and all of a sudden, we find ourselves on the bed madly reaching out for a glass of water.

Potholes, mud holes, black holes, deep holes and holes of all varieties instigate our fear to such an extent that we start feeling hysteric even at the thought of tripping and falling down over a hole.

Phobia of holes are mostly associated with creepy insects crawling out of dark and swampy holes. It is in fact the jelly like coldness of the insects, which bother us along with the dark holes, which we identify as the dwelling grounds of these dirty slimy creatures.

Holes, awful holes, dirty holes, terrifying holes and what not. They are like deep dungeons where we fear to get completely lost. In fact, a mere sight of a hole can make you feel overwhelmingly sick and endangered.

Phobia of holes can mean anything empty and dark. At times, we even feel afraid to reach out our hands in the dark while in bed either to grip the bed switch or to grab a bottle of water.

At times, we even have phobia of holes due to a childhood experience of seeing an insect crawling out of a coral. Usually after a heavy shower when the entire area gets water logged, you may feel quite unsafe to walk on the street.

You always have the fear that anytime you may step into a hole lose your balance and enjoy a fantastic shower in the dirty, muddy pothole.

Why only water logged streets? Phobia of holes can even make you immobile even when you are walking normally. You usually have the fear of stepping over manholes in the street or over sewer drains.

You feel as if anytime the cover of the drains may break and you may fall and die.

You just do not find any reason to feel frightened but you are scared – scared of holes, scared of darkness and scared of landing no where.

Such an uncanny feeling is not good for your health and can easily disrupt your normal prosperity of life.

Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP fast phobia techniques and methods help in quick elimination and eradication of phobia of holes.

However, NLP is not the one and only treatment solution. In fact, it is one of the most effective way of treating phobias and fears.

A good NLP program can successfully deal with your phobic condition and exterminate it within a time span of just two to three hours.

Why does NLP seem so effective for phobia of holes? This primarily takes place because the NLP V-K Dissociation Process performs fabulously on the ‘mental mechanics’ of how an individual activates and controls his phobic curriculum.

The method is unique and this is what just makes it undeniable and universal.

The principal aim of an NLP program is to replace a pessimistic set of response with an optimistic one. Doing it is rather a fun and a fruitful exercise of skill.

Therefore, seek NLP help to get rid of phobia of holes. Illuminate the darker side of your mind, which is generally reflected through images of holes and unexpected voidance.

Posted by Jan Heering
Master Coach, psychological trainer and author
Founder and President of the Morpheus Institute and

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