Phobia of having a phobia..

Can you believe it! I have a phobia of having a phobia. Even thinking of having a phobia , makes me want to through up!

I can never face the fact that I have a phobia , but every one else can see it! When ever some one tells me that I have a phobia , I look at them , and I try not to believe it.

This may sound weird... But I want to name the word 'phobia' to some thing else , So I dont have to hear that word over and over again. I dont know what is wrong with me having this , and yes, I agree... This condition that I have is weird.

I dont know how to get rid of it, and I can only think of one thing that would of got me started on this phobia. When I was little ,I did a school project on fears , and phobias , I didnt really believe in them , and I thought that people where just WAY to dramatic.

After I did some research.. I started worrying that I would get a phobia. I guess that that is when it happened , I really didnt want to live in fear my whole life , and I didnt want to have a phobia. Now that I am old , I realize that I do have a phobia!

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