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Eh phobia

i say if you wanna get rid of this phobia try and face almost every phobia there is nd maybe iof it works out then your phobia of having a phobia would be gone i read this on some random phobia webstie were this kid tried out ever phobia so he wouldn't be afriad of having a phobai he was just like you and don't call it a phobia cuz that would get you more scared of having one its like a little girl whos is scared of chocolate she says it nd it makes her feel like she waants to up chuck.....Btw i do have a phobia nd its called Coulrophobia......still in the process of working that out if you don't kno wat coulrophobia is look it up cuz im trying to avoid the if you still have a phobia nd u need someone to talk to just write me at just write the subject as phobia

I Hear You
by: Coyote11

not to be mean about it but how does it feel like? I myself read about phobias and now I am stuck like you. Did you get help? And if you did, where did you go?

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