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Hair we go .....
by: Annie

Oh Girls, I'm glad to hear me and my family are not the only ones .... I can't bear to see detached hairs. And if I find hair in my food euughh! I once found a massive long black hair in the cheese topping on a pizza from Asda (pizza counter). I kicked up that much of a fuss - well it's a big deal to me - they gave me £15. I was still wretching 4 hours later.

My bathroom floor's the same - I clean my bathroom floor every day and inbetween cleans I have to use dampened tissue to pick up hairs from the bathroom floor.

I've passed this phobia on to my 3 kids (all teenagers now). But my husband doesn't have this phobia ... he thinks my nuts and too fussy.

Wow me too
by: Cheyenne

I am the same way and so are my friends.....
When I react to seeing hair in the food that im eating, my friends say that they dont no me and crazy stuff like that.. But i know that it is kinda wierd that i have hair and im afriad of it at the same time

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