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Me too...
by: Tom-N-TX

I absolutely HATE glitter and freak out anytime I am near it. I can't stand to go into stores during the winter holidays anymore because it seems EVERYTHING has glitter on it. I hate birthday cards with glitter on it. Once I came into work and the people in the office thought it would be "cute" to put glitter on my desk (knowing of my phobia)...I didn't sit at my desk for about 3 days until someone came and cleaned every little speck up. I'm cringing right now just thinking about it.

oh good, it's not just me...
by: Anonymous

I'm so glad to hear it's not just me. I had my firt panic attack due to having a ton of glitter all over me from holding a gift bag in my lap. And don't get me started on cards...I specifically seek out non-glittered cards, but they usually have at least a few pieces of glitter transferred from glittery cards. Glitter is like the plague.

you are not alone
by: A. Crockett OH

In highschool an industrial tub of glitter was dumped on me as a practical joke. It took two weeks, a shaved head, and a thisle brush to get the last of it off.

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