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I'm having it too..
by: Tia

Your fear seems sounds a bit the same as what I'm experienced right now.

I struggled trying to sleep when my imagination gets all over my head(yep it gets worst when it's dark and exactly in the middle of the night), my feet will be getting cold and shakey,I also ended up to sleep with my tv on, with comedy show/any cartoons. If I can't really handle it, I fall asleep around 3 or 4 am. If I'm 100% sure I can't sleep alone at certain nights, I go to sleep at my parents' room

But still, silly subconscious brain of mine barely wants to shut it when my body is like really tired after daily activity.

I think we almost have the same fear, except I get it cause I used to be able to see real ghosts

I know.
by: Anonymous

This may help.
I have a similar problem,
When you do have the tv on make sure it's a happy or funny show. As for when you go up the stairs you have to be confident and believe that you are untouchable. Nothing can harm you. I know that sounds tough.. It was for me at first. I had the same problem with the shows to except it was a haunting and they were always evil ghost or demons. I just moved a few months ago to a huge 6 bedroom house that is extremely creepy. Like you, I couldn't sleep without a tv or someone by me, but when my tv broke and nobody else was home I had to do it. And although tough, I just kept telling myself, Rachel you're fucking amazing and. Or hung is going to happen. Also, if my imagination did get the best of me I'd make the best of it and turn it into something funny. If I thought I heard voices most nights I'd be scared out of my mind but I'd just think they said something funny. Sounds stupid but it helps also, talking to someone about it can help.. It'll help a lot.. Id love to help I'm 16..
I know what it's like.. Nobody should have to live in fear.

Same here
by: Arthur

I always sleep with a pillow over my head then a blanket over me and turn my fan on high because i always sweat and i always ask my parents to turn the light off for me, if i am thursty during the night (i also keep water under my blanket) or in need to pee i just dont go i always go on my ipad (still under my blankets) and go on a app called ifunny it always makes me sleep better i always feel better if im sleeping with someone like on a sleepover my friend is always below me in a airbed so i get over that. I reccoment a night light because ut provides light i always piss before i sleep.

- Arthur

Lack advice (I am a victim too)
by: Serina

I feel your pain. I basically do the very same thing as you, except that I am afraid of aliens too.

I cannot sleep at night unless I am completely covered with blankets. I also have to cover my window too. It doesn't help that there is a forest lurking out my window. >.<'

For the longest time, I had to cover my mirror in my room because it was facing my bed.

Gotta love the fear of the unknown. :/

Good luck, and I hope you can find a good way to cope with your fears.

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