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by: Anonymous

Wow, this is one of the weirdest phobia's I have ever heard of.
Then again, I have a strange phobia of just staying over someone else's house for the night.
Then it's awkward when I have to come up with some excuse as to why I don't want to spen the night at another house.
I can't sleep in a car, hotel, motel, relatives house...anywhere.
I can only sleep in my own bed and feel okay.
Maybe our phobia's are somehow related?

Wow! I didn't know this was a phobia!
by: Wendy

Hi, I am was doing some research on how to cure my extreme grasshopper phobia (as summer is approaching on the Gold Coast and there is one on my back patio as I type this) when scrolling through the phobias I discovered your "getting ready at other's houses". I have this fear but never realised that it could be a phobia. I will never go and stay with anyone or go on holidays with anyone as I fear getting ready other than at my own place or on my own in a hotel. I take an hour usually to get ready, showering, creams, makeup, hair & dressing and for some reason I fear doing this with others around. Maybe its the embarrassment of taking this amount of time and going through the same routine each time I have to go out. Also I fear having to use the toilet around others and being seen in the morning just out of bed. I remember one time going away to a share house and I always got up first to get ready while the others just sat around in their pj's until it was time to go out. Some people only take 5 minutes to get ready and I would hate to have them wait for me or see the routine I have to go through. My parents have always stirred me about taking so long so maybe it stems from that. This fear also involves for example going into a shopping centre and getting a facial (having to come out all messed up). I only go to a hairdresser on the street so I can hop straight into my car with half dried hair. I'm quite sure other women go through the same routine to get ready but I just can't bring myself to do it around others. My new boyfriend has asked me to stay the night at his place but there is no way I'll go through the morning routine! I'm so glad I'm not alone in my fear and wonder if there are many others like us. Now back to my grasshopper phobia! Wendy (Gold Coast, Qld, Australia).

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