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I thought it was just me
by: Anonymous

I have an insane fear of as I call it the 'f' word meanin fox. I can't even say it without gettin the creeps n goose bumps. I hate pictures the noises anything about them. Real fake or a cartoon/ drawin. I have had this fear foreva. All my family kno and my sister once drew a pencil drawing n put it in my bed n I didnt sleep in my bed for about 2 months. I dnt kno what I would do If I Eva seen one. I kno they r where I live but hope I Neva see one!!!!

I can't explain this fear.
by: Lauren

I have no idea why I have suddenly had this fear of foxes. I don't know what it is about them, but I have never been so scared of anything in my life. The first time I realised I had a fear was a month a go. I was lying in bed on my laptop at around 11pm and all of a sudden, this fox started making the most disturbing noise ever. This sudden rush of emotion came over me and I was shaking in fear, covering my ears and crying my eyes out and it's not like me what so ever. My sister had to make sure I was alright. It was the weirdest thing. A couple of days a go, I was looking around some old abandoned buildings with my two friends and we heard this bang on top of the metal roof, and all of a sudden, this scrawny fox jumped down. It was daylight as well. I literally screamed, turned around and ran to my friend. I was in tears and she had to hold me for what seemed like hours. I couldn't seem to let go of her and she had to drag me away. It was almost like I couldn't walk by myself. My legs just went, like jelly. I'm dreading the next time I hear or see a fox and I need help. I don't understand where this fear came from and I hate it.

by: Anonymous

My fear began after a nightmare in which a group of foxes killed my whole family then started to torture me. This dream happened every night for about a month when I was around 11. I have no idea where the dream came from and I am still terrified of them! (6 years on) luckily I live on a island which is fox free but dreading moving to a city this year in fear I will see them.....

they know
by: Harry Fox

I'm scared of foxes! They know! They follow me! No1 understands!

Phobia of foxes
by: Anonymous

I have a phobia of foxes- always have, it's horrible. I don't know why i am scared of them but when I walk home late from school and see one I end up with my heart beating so hard that it feels like it's going to pop out of my chest and then usually 9 times out of 10 i end up running away from the fox whilst crying my eyes out! :s I'm 14 now and seriously nobody understands how bad my phobia is ... not nice .... is there a name for this phobia? Or is it just irrational?

me too
by: Anonymous

it started when i moved into my house 7 years ago i was only little and the lady opposite used to feed them they used to call each other to mate and i hear stories about them mauling babies. i used to cry and run into my mums room and now im nearlly 16 and panic and start to cry when i see them !!
i cant watch tv programs about them and when they come on tv i turn it over quickly.

Omg im scared too
by: Mary B

no one understands but i deathly affraid as well!!

I get eaten by them
by: Anonymous

My fear started recently, I had a dream about walking down my street and a fox jumping out and killing me, this happened about 4 times.
I looked up what being eaten by an animal in my dream means and apparently I'll be mugged.
but also now I'm afraid of foxes more signs of them are appearing and I seem to walk past one regularly as well as people who look threatening being called fox. Freaky

by: Georgia

I have a HUGE fear of foxes that im not sure of where it came from. The foxy bingo ad drives me tears and sweats..
I have dreams about giant foxes looking through my window and this has been going on for years. I am now 16 and the fear hasn't gone away and I have no idea what it is called or whether there is a cure.

Phobia of Foxes
by: April

I've been scared of foxes since I was about 4 years old and I know why. I used to have really bad eczema and my dad took me into the garden at night as I was very hot, and I heard my neighbour/friends guinea pigs being eaten by a fox. I then saw it jump over the fence with a guinea pig in its mouth. A few years later I saw a dark shaddow walking along the tops of the garages behind our house that I presumed was a fox. Being very young it seemed huge to me. I can't watch foxes on tv and we have since moved to norfolk which is terrible for my phobia as I see them all the time. Its got to the point where my brain blocks out me seeing them sometimes but if I do see them I go clammy and feel sick with terror. I get laughed at all the time for it.

me too
by: Anonymous

hey i have a fear as well and i blame it on the foxy bingo advert and my nana singing me a song to fall asleep that had "the fox is gonna get you if you dont" in it, im now terrified of them cos of their snout and eyes and i constantly get teased for it

i ave a phobia of foxes
by: erin

I have always been scared of foxes since i was a lil girl and still at the age of fifteen im still just as scared the noises the look of them in england were i used to live there were always foxes about i mean at nite they wud scream for wantin to mate dose anyone no the name of this phobia

fear of foxes
by: Anonymous

i also have a fear of foxes
when im walking home i will see them because i live next to some woods

i scream when i see one
i panic
my break goes short and panic like
and i sweat and feel trapped

I have had frightening dreams of them
and ive seen them look up at my window and stare at me.

the phobia could be called Vulpophobia
becuase the greek for fox is vulpo and phobia is fear

Fear of foxes
by: Anonymous

I also have a fear of foxes (living or dead) an often get panic attacks :S I have recurring dreams of them and have done since I was very young. I also live by a woods and see them walking around at night.

by: Anonymous

I also have a fear of foxes, but its more the noises that they make
If anyone is able to suggest a name I would be grateful

me 2
by: fran

i dont know why i am afraid of them, i think it was a dream but i dont know for sure. it sound mad but i cant stand them.

Me Too
by: Suzy

I too have a fear/phobia of foxes. I used to dream about fox/wolf man and it was a recurring nightmare. I used to be able to smell the creature in my dreams.

I think this is where mine stems from but also waking up alot at my aunts and seeing a fox on the lawn staring up at my window.

So you are not alone.

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