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Phobia of fat people originated during the 20th century and is a recent concept. Fat phobia is a condition in which an individual dislikes being fat and feels irritated to see obese tendencies in other people.

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Before twentieth century, fatness was a feature of great admiration especially in women. It was the general belief that women who were fat were prosperous and belonged to the upper strata of the society.

However, after twentieth century excess fat was no longer held in high esteem. Plenteous health then was not a mark of extravagant beauty.

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Now, a large section of beauty and sophistication conscious population are affected by phobia of fat people. Therefore, they started associating the concept with laziness, with deeply rooted pathology and ugliness.

This ultimately led to unscientific starvation processes and life-threatening surgeries. In particular, the female section of the society started developing chronic and uncompromising eating habits such as anorexia and bulimia.

Due to phobia of fat, people started forming an idea that excessive weight gain may lead to sexual reluctance. Women have the impression that an obese appearance loses its attraction towards the opposite sex and this may unfortunately lead to marital depression.

Moreover, according to the Americans, fat people lack self-confidence and essential willpower and they prefer to blame themselves for being obese. Since then, an anti fat attitude has gained much popularity and now people worldwide have a strong abhorrence for both fatness and fat people.

Again because of phobia of fat, people started believing in the Freudian concept of psychological pathology. According to this concept, people who are obese are undoubtedly psychologically sick.

This means that fatness is directly related to mental abnormality. Gradually a strong resentment was developed against obesity and people supported the idea that a strong and healthy body is in fact the secret behind a strong and healthy mind.

Phobia of fat people has gained enormous magnitude and this has led to an international consciousness against fatness and fat related concepts. Moreover, the socio cultural influences of media that is television, magazines, movies and other forms of entertainment provide immense tips on how to stay healthy, trim and slim.

Such media based information has adversely affected a large section of the women population ultimately leading to body image disturbance, body dissatisfaction and increased rate of eating disorders.

Phobia of fat people or obesophobia also popularly known as pocrescophobia has caused needless distress to countless people.

This awkward phobic condition used to takes months and even years to be completely cured. However, new research says that with the right kind of Neuro Linguistic Programming Self-Help , fear of obesity can be successfully eliminated just within 5 days.

Through the successful implication of NLP self-help techniques phobia of fat people can be completely cured by introducing the individual to a set of positive suggestions.

The main idea behind an effective NLP treatment is to bring about a major transformation in your overall mental set up. In most cases is NLP Self-Help quite rapid and effective.

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