Phobia of Explosions

by Julia
(Bedford, UK)

I've got a major phobia of explosions. From little tiny firecrackers and cap guns right to fireworks and cannons.

The main thing that started the phobia for me was when I was 7 years old and at Bedford Athletic Stadium during the Summer Holiday. Normally I would do either Badminton or Drama, but they weren't available that I had to do Athletics.

Half way through the week we had track races, using the starting pistol. I was in Lane 1 and hadn't got told that the starting pistol was going to be used. As soon as it was shot, I froze and completely went into panic mode - since then I have always been scared of them.

I have tried everything from confronting it (my Mum's lousy idea) to hypnotherapy...nothing has worked! Every time I hear a bang, I freeze and then my heart starts beating fast, my breathing quickens and within seconds I am completely in panic mode.

With things like cars back-firing, a single balloon bursting it goes over quite quickly...but the Fireworks season I am at my the point of actually having a panick attack and then it'll take me 6 hours after the fireworks have stopped for the evening before I even think about relaxing.

I want this phobia of explosions to stop...or for firework companies to go bust so I don't have to go through it every year!

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