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Same Phobia here :(
by: Anonymous

Same case :( I'm 15 yrs old and I never really enjoyed new year's eve ever since . im just hiding inside a room and cover my ears the whole night. it's new years eve tomorrow so it's going to be another worst night! :( *sigh. is there any cure for this phobia ? please share it with us . everytime i hear a loud explosion, i feel that my heart is pumping like 3x faster to its normal pump.ugggghhh ! I just wish that time will come that i can enjoy new year's eve :( cuz i think, its getting worst every year and no one really understand my situation :(

fear of crackers
by: sarthak

i have the same problem ...
i too want to go away from firecrackers or any other bang ....
too scared
any help !!!

same here too
by: Anonymous

When I was riding a jeepney back in my teenage years, a truck with huge wheels came right at our back. Then all of a sudden one of tires burst. I felt the extreme shockwaves from the burst, that it rang my ears.

I was not that afraid of explosions and firecrackers, but after that incident, I'm changed. I never enjoyed New Year's Eve after that.

me too...
by: Anonymous

im a 12 yrs old kid that is scared of firecrackers or a bang..... but i like firework displays BUT i was so scared of firecrackers i wouldn't dare to see ONE firecracker even its not ignited.....i just want to be cured on my firecracker phobia immediately because its going to be a boom bonanza on December 31! (New Year's Eve)

Crackers Phobia
by: Anonymous

I am 27 yrs old man and still I suffer from exactly the same phobia. this has really disturbed my social life to a great extent especially during festivals.. when there is maximum bursting of loud firecrackers... I have already started using noise cancellation earphones as well as staying inside fully concealed AC rooms to avoid the bangs ...
Please help me... None of my friends know about it and i would feel very embarassed if they start to know about it

bangs and explosions
by: Anonymousanne

Even when soneone bursts a balloon or paper bag I am terrified and embarassed at aged 70. I have avoided invitations to celebratory events because there might be party poppers or fireworks. As for thunderstorms, it's easy for people to say relax or look out of the window. I have lost a job in the past that entailed working outdoors and haven't turned up for work because thunder was forecast and I was too frightened to motorcycle out in the open to work. I too experienced the starting pistol syndrome at a race meeting . It's getting worse as the years go by. My early life was spent in air raid shelters being rocked by explosions. I tried hypnotherapy that included listening to a tape at home but it hasn'nt worked and I really want to be rid of this crippling thing. Is there anyone out there with a definite cure? I cannot afford to go to another hypnotherapist . I DREAD the summer and storms.HELP!

You are not alone, I share the same phobia
by: Adriana

..i always wondered if there was anyone else in this world who shared the same terrible phobia as me..and after reading your blog i almost burst to tears because i couldnt believe that someone else feels exactly the way i feel when it comes to fireworks, firecrackers, balloons or anything that makes a bang..i have suffered terribly because of this life has been trully miserable and i really want to cure it..i have never enjoyed a firework display, birthday party, because i have to run as far away as possible and cover my ears so heard that it hurts and i also have terrible terrible panick attacks..i feel the same as you and i will be trying hypnosis..i know that this is rooted far beyond my memories..somewhere in a past life.

same here
by: Anonymous

we have the same exact situation.. too sad that no one doesnt seem want to believe what we feel when the phobia attacks..because of this I hate new year's eve. :(

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