Phobia of Ears

by Rain
(United States)

I am fourteen years old.

When I was a wee lass, at the tender age of three, the doctor decided that my twin sister and I required a cleaning-out of the ears. They proceeded to hold me down on a table, screeching all the while as an unseen instrument (it felt like a scalpel) dug through my wax buildup. The matter was not helped by the fact that my mother opted to leave the room.

It hurt.


After the deed was done, I was asked whether I wanted to have a look at the gunk that came from my ear. Shuddering, I declined and teetered out to the waiting room.

Very much traumatized, I have suffered a crippling phobia of ears ever since. I'll shudder if some miscreant were to root through their waxy halls in my sight, become defensive if anyone so much as looks at mine-- and I'll throw an all-out fit at a checkup in the doctor's office. I used to fear my hair entering my ears as I slept, so had a brief problem with blood circulation in my ears because I slept with the lobe folded against the pillow. It took years for me to swim normally without covering my ears to go underwater.

I have not cleaned my ears since, the only contact with them being at a select few doctor's visits and in the event that my glasses slip into my ears (the HORROR). Though the visible buildup is a bit unsightly, anyone who would be offput by this I would do better without.

I also feel that I must clarify the nature of my ailment. I am squeamish only the "hole" of ears; any touch with the lobe or outer ear I am perfectly fine with.

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