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imagine your brain as a sift!!!
by: Anonymous

I'm not sure if i have this kind of phobia...but i do have a similar kind that i'm extremely afraid of being ill and i think being ill means i'm going to die- -

i just interpret every symptom as some kind of dead disease...

but i think i overcome my fear little by little by imagining that my brain is a SIFT and has lots of holes on it! By closing certain holes, things will not PASS my brain and will never affect me~

And in this case, I will imagine that I've closed the hole of "being afraid of diseases". Although sometimes my body show certain symptoms, i find myself at ease and things like "oh i'm going to die" will not show up again~

hope this will do for you~

by: Anonymous

your not the only one that has that fear. most do. it's the thought of where your going to go once your dead. If your going to Heaven. dont be afraid, if your going to hell, be afraid, it's for eternity. Time to pray and give our Hearts to God, it would take this fear from us.

phobia of dieing
by: pam peete

hey,i think i have the same phobia,i s0metimes dont go outside when its rainy or extremely hot,doubting that i might catch illnesses,or i might die on my way to somewhere,one thing that i fear is h0w i'm g0ing to die.there is help,but mentaly associated

by: Anonymous

i am not scared of dying
i am scared me being dead!!!

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