Phobia of driving fast, and especially of going down hills

by Shaun
(Berkshire, MA)

I have this awful fear of driving fast and especially of hills, mostly going down them, even if I am not driving because another person is. I never had this find of fear before the last few years, and it seems to be escalating. I used to drive fast without any fear and hills never bothered me or crossed my mind until the last few years.

Now, I dread the highway, even if I am not driving, and am even more scared at night or in bad weather, even in just some rain. Put rain or night time and speed along with a hill, and I am panic strikes sometimes.

It seems to be worse when I can't see the bottom of a hill, if there are curves and bends, even if I know the road! I get scared and brake, which is worse than even just coasting because the braking I am prone to do is too abrupt, but I get so scared I seem to not be able to help it, even though I know it is irrational and even when I am going super slow.

How can I get over this fear? I live in a hilly, mountain region and cannot avoid hills or the highway!


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