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eww dirty socks *shudders*
by: Anonymous

I'm the exact same way! My family thinks I'm crazy or over exaggerating. But I cannot stand dirty socks. It's PURE GROSS TO ME! :(

I Feel Your Pain
by: Shallah

You're not the only 1 my man! As a kid, I had that same phobia and it has stuck with me thru life! I REALLY can't stand a dirty wet sock.. Ughhhh. Wasn't untill I was 15 that I realized my best friend, who is 7 yrs older than me had the same phobia. It literally bugged me out that there was someone else on the planet that dealt with this problem...And now there is you. For years I thought I was crazy. I'll tell u the crazy part. Everyone else sees nothing wrong with this, or finds it utterly disgusting. Welcome to the club!!

by: Anonymous

I have the same feeling towards it, especially seeing brown dirt under white socks. I dont even wear white socks because of it. I cant bare to look, i find it very off-putting.

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