Phobia of Deep Voices

by Cindy
(Georgia atlanta)

Why I hate deep voices is because I USED to have a step dad that was abusive and he yelled a lot since I was 1 years old up until I was 12 ... I hated him since then and I still dislike him today I'm actually glad were not with him any more .....

But now my mom has a new boy friend that is very nice but he also has a deep voice !!!!! But he was very kind and dint have a motionless face like that prick of a step dad I had for most of my child hood.. Well I guess he showed love to me sometimes.. But he is still selfish and an as**ole I mean he didn't even act like a step dad!!!

But he had 2 sons,the older 1 seemed just like his motionless father, the younger 1 was lively and adorable. the both did baseball because their father was into sports....

The motionless 1 was hard to get along with so every time he looked at me ( because I never knew how to act in front of them so I was kinda wired and sometimes got embarrassed cuz of that... So all I did was just smile ...XP )

so basically I always thought that if your with a guy that is into sports a lot and is selfish and doesn't want to always be with you on the weekends at baseball games with his kids while your kids are just staying home getting fat and you're stressed out about their grades, and doesn't know how to teach kids except punish them and threaten them to do better, ITS BETTER TO LEAVE THEM NOW THAN TO STAY WITH THEM LONGER I STAYED WITH MY OLD STEP DAD FOR 10 years and I still don't like him ....because of him I have this phobia of deep voices ..

But now I know that my brother will protect me from these kind people and has protected me for those 10 years as well so now I feel very happy with my mom and my brother and his wonderful fiancé.

If I ever see that prick again I will personally call him a stupid selfish pri*k mother fu*k*n b!tch pus**y as* !!!!!! lol sorry fr the foul language my grandMoma taught me better than that ,but u know I gotta let that out -o- srry.

Just typing that makes me feel better -_- sigh.. Thank you for reading I hope if you have the same phobia of deep voices we will soon conquer it and feel better ^_^

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