How to Overcome
Phobia Of Dating

Phobia of dating can spoil your love life. It is high time you give attention to this.

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When you feel shaky or phobic about various aspects of dating or rejection by your prospective partner, why not have a face-to-face chat with your partner.

Often many issues related to phobia of dating can be resolved when you simply ask your partner what to do.

Before indulging into dating, you should ask yourself a few questions and seek clear answers from your inner self. Mind it, this exercise is very important in order to avoid future phobia of dating.

Firstly, are you confident about your dating partner? Are you determined to build up a strong relationship with your partner? Are you sure about your choice of dating partner? This means is your partner according to your desired choice?

Often people fear that a small thing can shatter your dating prospects. Fear not my friend. Fear kills your natural self. Fear will restrict you in communicating freely with your partner.

Always remember that good communication can overcome almost all dating issues. Do not hide anything. Just talk freely. Consider dating as a game. As in every game you might emerge as a winner or a loser, dating is no exception.

Single men and women like you and me often exhibit phobia of dating due to some pre-conceived notions. Some of them are:

  • As my ex boyfriend/girlfriend has ditched me, I will never love again
  • I don’t now anything about the dating business
  • I like to avoid people and prefer to live “far from the madding crowd”
  • I am too old to look for a date
  • I am no longer attractive
  • I have children and as such might be straightaway rejected
  • I am not loveable
  • My job leaves too little time for me to think of dating

The phobia of dating can be explained from Neuro-Lingusitic programming (NLP) point of view. For every kind of phobia, NLP detects your mental constructs that have led to such a condition.

When your mental thought process leads to misleading mental model (mental code for NLP practitioners), you tend to develop phobias. For instance, your first date might have been harmful to you in some way.

In your unconscious mind, you frame a mental code associated with the notion that the very concept of dating is deceptive and you need to steer clear from it.

Thus, you slowly and unconsciously develop phobia of dating. First, you need to get rid of the fear factor. In today’s age, people are known to become alone all of a sudden even after 10-15 years of loving relationships. Just do not allow lowering of your self-esteem. Be confident and sport an enchanting smile.

Try to be interesting and develop interest in your partner. Do not allow phobia of dating to spoil the fantastic dating pleasures that you truly deserve.

With the help of NLP your fear of dating can be successfully released.

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Posted by Jan Heering
Master Coach, psychological trainer and author
Founder and President of the Morpheus Institute and

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