Phobia of Coins

I guess l have a very unusual phobia, phobia of coins. I cant find out about it and how to deal with it as no-one has ever heard of it before.

It isnt silly to me, it actually makes me physically sick unable to move go into a room in which it is there.

It is actually ruining my life, and actually now thinking about it makes me tremble with the fear of my phobia.

I have a phobia of coins, yes coins. Old coins new coins jewellery anything like that.
If l see a coin on the floor, l have to ask someone to move it.

I dont handle money if l can help it, my husband does that.

If l saw money in the street on the floor or somewhere like that l would walk on the otherside of it, but then l am thinking about it all the time.

I dont know whether anyone can help me or knows what Phobia of Coins is called but l do need help.

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