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Glad This is More Common Than I Thought.
by: Sabrina

I've found three in my house in the last two days. I can't eat (at my house, that is) or go in the kitchen because I found one in the sink while trying to dishes. I've been avoiding the downstairs bathroom because there was one in there, and I also saw one in the front hallway earlier this evening. My immediate reaction is to run from the room, shaking and hyperventilating, until I run into someone that I know will kill it for me (I'm twenty-one, and am currently staying at my parents' house). My moral values don't let me kill living things, so I can't handle it myself, let alone being able to get close enough to do the deed. I stayed up until 7am the other night cross-legged on a footstool in the middle of the living room to avoid them, and didn't sleep because I was too afraid there would be one hiding in my bedroom. Even the word of those despicable, malevolent creatures is enough to make me cringe.

You're not alone
by: Anonymous

I've been afraid of centipedes ever since I was little. My fear started when I was sitting outside, on the ground while my Mom and neighbors were chatting. Anyway, I'm sitting there and I see a big huge centipede crawling toward me, so I start crying, running in the house and literally hid under the bed til my Mom came back in the house. I don't even like looking at PICTURES of them. Blehh!

Constantly crying over centipedes
by: Anonymous

I am 14 years old and have severe myriopodophobia (how ever its spelled) every time i see a picture of anything that even just resembles a centipede i have a terrible freak out and start crying and screaming. Not just screaming but (BLOOD Herdeling scream) i do what ever is probably to get away. And in the class room i have to dig my nails into my skin to stop myself from going crazy. Someone PLEASE help!!!! My mom wont let me go to therapy.
Asianpastries239098 at

i hate centipedes and millipedes
by: mudz

ever since i was little i always hated centipedes and millipeds, worms and snails. i really dislike theese creatures they are just horrible the way they move and the way they curl them selves around its disgusting i think i have myriodophobia and its really driving me insane i panick each time i see these creatures i panick and want to kill them so they dont multiply i wouldnt mind them getting extinct.

by: Scott

i also have a pretty crippling fear of centipedes. myriopodophobia? yeah. they make me have panic attacks, faint, get physically ill, its a shit fest. i live in a basement, they do too. its horrifying.

by: Keri

I also have a fear of centipedes. although its not just them it is all worms. We have the little centipedes at work and it has really become a problem for me. I got so upset one day I had to leave work. Im constantly looking around when i walk to make sure i dont see one. I am suppose to start therapy in two weeks so I pray it works! It is getting to the point I want to quit my job. The whole time i am a nervous wreck!

by: Anonymous

I have had a great fear of centipedes since I was a child. I am 41 and still live in fear of centipedes. I spray my house heavily every spring and fall with a bug spray that specifies eliminating and killing centipedes. My boy friend lives with me but my fear is so strong I refuse to allow myself to be in a situation where he is not home to kill the centipede. I would love to rid myself of this phobia, any suggestions?

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