Phobia of Butterflies

by Christina
(United States)

Ever since I was 5, I was scared of Butterflies! It all started when I was sleeping on one of my favorite pillows at night. I woke up and I saw something gold and black sticking out of my pillows. I looked under it and there it was, a real yellow and gold Stingtail Butterfly! I immediately left my room into my parents room! I went back to my room with my mom, then the butterfly appeared from under my pillow to sticking on the wall next to my bed! My mom killed it and threw it outside in the backyard! I did want to sleep in room that night so I slept with my parents! Ever since, I just hated Butterflies. Everytime I saw a picture of one, I jumped! Everytime I see one fly by, I run away or inside if there's a building or house nearby! I had a few panick attacks to where my heart just starts racing like every second that goes by! How to stop this phobia of butterflies!!!!

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