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Thank god.
by: zozo

I thought I was the only person who feels like this about breaking bones. For me it's the sound aswell. I always look on imdb. They usually go through the entire film. I can't watch eg The hunger games cos a boy breaks another boys neck. The film that started all this was the legendary Enter the dragon & Best of the best 2. People laugh at me about my phobias. I hate clowns & pyrotechnics/ fireworks any kind of bang. I did cure my fear of spiders though. But the others I can't conquer. But thank god I'm not the only one about this.

by: Ur berst fernd

If I am watching a video and someone's fingers snap in weird ways or something I burn inside. I have to look away and make my hands into fists to make sure they wont breack like that. It is the same with toes. If someone has a cast, brace, or wrapping around a broke. Bone it doesn't bother me at all too much. Unless when they tell me what happened and I picture it I cringe. When I write I have to hold the pencil or pen so my hands are almost in fists. I already right sloppy so i doesn't bother me. Typing this now is bad enough because I have to pause typing and try to stop putting These images in my head. AHHH jfodhrnfkdjkrifgrjfk😞 So pretty much if I see a fractured bone x-ray or a picture of someone's fingers bent the wrong way I freak out. I don't pass out or start screaming but I really feel like i am about to. It's. Not like when people say eww stop when someone is cracking there fingers that's different that's really bad for me. It bothers me so much I cant stand it and I have to protect my own vulnerable bones. If I am running and my knee gives out real quick or my ankle twists. I act like I am. In more pain than I actually am because I feel like it should be worse.

by: Anonymous

Ahhhh I'm the worst I have a fear of breaking bones and at my Basketball grand final a kid snapped his arm! Yuck I felt like vomiting!!

same prob.
by: Anonymous

Hey bro i have the same prob. Its weird for me though cause i can watch Saw and those brutal films like that and can easily stand blood and gore but if i see a bone break i get sick and get dizzy and stuff. Also in elementary school everyone in class was cracking their fingers and bending them in weird ways and i just passed out in front of everyone.

Breaking Bones
by: Marcuz88

I can't watch a video when I know that there will be bones broken or something like that. It makes me weak and just the thought of it creeps me out. What is the term for this kind of phobia?

Bones and wigs!
by: Anonymous

I have a ridiculous fear of bones breaking.... seeing an x-ray completely makes me want to vomit! If any one of my friends talk about a broken leg or arm or finger or anything it makes me want to scream and run away.... and typing this is making it worse but blah!
Wigs scare me aswell, I just find them terrifyingly creepy, like they're about to come alive and jump at me or something, like millions of tiny spiders.
I am the queen of weird phobias.....

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