Phobia of blood in the corn field.

by Rhen Rabaca

im the center

im the center

When I was 9 yrs. old I and my father went to our corn field to visit our farm. After it, I decided to get some corn to fed for our chicken at home, when I start getting some I accidentally pick a sharp edge of a corn stem. Then when I look on my pointing finger I saw some blood, then I let my father cure it but after it I can't remember what happened. When I woke up my father is already carrying my back and forth. He told me that I was been collapsed after seeing blood from my finger. From that time on I have been already scared in blood every time I saw blood especially my own blood it seems that I'm going to collapsed and I feel that I experience difficulty in breathing.

Do you think, Do I have phobia of blood? what do we call this kind of phobia?

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