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nasty icky sponges
by: Anonymous

i HATE sponges, my friend though it was hilarious and rubbed one on my face(ew) and i threw up. i never knew any one else had this, i feel like less of a freak now :)

by: Xena

I have always cringed at the thought of biting sponges that's crazy that u r 2!!! I cant believe it

Hello Sponge...
by: Anonymous

I hate the fabric...

I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

anytime i think or see or touch sponge, i freak... it makes me want to be sick and everyone thinks it's funny :@

by: Carl

I have a phobia of sponges in general, just thinking about them makes me cringe, ive never been able to find a name for it either.

by: Anonymous

i cant touch sponges i know how you feel about how disgusting they are.

no idea
by: Anonymous

No idea on the name, but though I'm not afraid of biting into sponges, I certainly wouldn't want to.
Kinda makes me cringe...

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