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Flipping Fear!
by: Ste

I couldn't get on a spinning fun (???) fair ride for a zillion quid ..and I too can feel myself begin to panic just thinking about all the stuff in the universe that spins. I am 56 and this is the first time I have thought to see if there is a name for the phobia. My four younger sisters all enjoyed fair ground rides and there was a time when the urge to be the same as my peers caused me to get on the waltzers! When I used to practice Taekwondo the "reverse turning kick ( hated it being called a spin kick) gave me problems when it had to be repeated across the hall; the times I just managed to stop myself fleeing from the room. I couldn't even take a one year old on a kiddies ride, whilst at a theme park, the other day. I am heartened to see that it might be possible to ease the problem...and that I do actually belong to a group! Lol

Steve L

Spinning World
by: Anonymous

The Way to deal with this problem is to understand the world, do your research, find how big/how fast etc... I would rather think that the world was turning rather than spinning as its doing it at a very slow rate on a axis. If you worry about it turning then you must be thinking you are not on this planet. please remember you are turning with the planet. if you see it turn, then its pure imagination. I think you need to ground yourself by jumping up and down and touching your enviroment. Please also remember that we are only scared of the things we do not know about so the earth is a tiny dot in the universe.

Try also to distract yourself from looking for the threat and train your mind to think about something else.

Grounding is the key to beating this particular phobia. Let us know how you get on.

World spinning
by: Anonymous

I have this terrible problem that the world is spinning and nothing is still. Can you help me?

by: Tony

It has been a year since I was in Therapy and got to grips with my fear of spinning. I was similar and could not even stand the world turning. Now after a year I can confront things spinning without panic and can even go on a roundabout without totally going into distress mode. I dont like spinning myself still but can watch others doing it with ease. I have not had a panic attack for sometime and feel alot better.

The main point of beating the phobia is we look for it all the time. our mind is constantly scanning for it and thats the main problem. When something is spinning before your eyes, you will automatically think your on it rather than looking at it from a broad picture. Thats when you panic because you imagination is playing tricks with you . You have to learn to spin yourself to gain confidence so that you feel in control. once you gain this then the thought of spinning is not so bad and your mind is not scanning for the threat.

I had this phobia all my life and still come across situations where something gets me in regards to spinning but have the know how to beat it. it took me 25 years to get it, so its not going to a quick process, but hey, feel alot more relaxed.

Good luck to you all because there is an end to this.

Thanks Tony


Blackthorn, if you read this comment I would like to get in touch with you to see how you cope with your phobia of the world spinning...

by: Anonymous

I have the very same phobia as someone above mentioned. I have a VERY HIGH PHOBIA of dizziness. Like to the point where I will have a panic attack over the fact that the world itself spins :'(

My daughter too
by: Amy Brown

My daughter has a fear of being upside down, too -- she is eight. She was okay with being upside down when she was a baby and a toddler, but since she was four or five she has hated being upside down. She won't do gymnastics or anything else that might involve being inverted.

I, too, am surprised there isn't a name for this and it isn't a known condition - being upside down is pretty alarming.

by: Anonymous


I also have a fear of spinning. Fast or slow, it freaks me out to the point were I think I'm going to die or something like that. Fair grounds rides make me scared as well. Just watching it, I get nervous and my heart pounds. I also have a fear of strong winds. I can't stand the wind. I don't know why this is! I wish that I could overcome these fears. Even if I think about spinning, I begin to get scared. It's really irritating to be like this. I thought I was the only one with this fear of spinning.

At last
by: Blackthorn

I share the same phobia- to the extent where I can become highly distressed at the concept that the world itself is spinning (crazy to most other people, I know- but it leads to anxiety attacks, panic-attacks and a lot of distress). I was shocked that there wasn't a known ''phobia'' specifically dealing with spinning or tilting- it seems such an obvious phobia I felt so odd that it seemed to be -JUST- me. It's good to know there's some other folks out there.
I'm currently booked to see a GP about possible inner-ear problems, and booked to see a hypnotherapist to see if we can tackle the underlying phobia. Hopefully it'll be dealt with.

Fear of being Upside Down
by: Anonymous


by: Tony

Hi there,

I have had the same fear for 25 years and it got more intense. I am currently getting help and have manged to beat the phobia to the extent that I can sit on a swivel chair and spin my self really fast. My quality of life has improved and before I got some help. I thought i could never be cured. I have still got more too do but at least I can experience spinning looking or doing with going into a complete panic.

Speak to your doctor about therapy that will gradually expose you in a controlled way to your fear. its not as hard as you think.

Good Luck


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