Phobia of being tickled, and being tickled on my bad places! We ALL know what I'm talking about...

by Sydney

So, this hasn't ever happened really, but my best friend, Cody, he tazed/pinched/tickled my left side today as we were leaving English 8 today. And we were laughing at something funny, and then I guess I said something that he thought was weird, and confusing, so Cody decides to taze/pinch/tickle my side! But, thankfully, he didn't see my reaction on my face!!! And, if he did, OMG! I would be in so much trouble right now! He also took my flip-flop off of my foot in Physics, and he also rubbed the bottom of his sneaker on my knee, OMFG!!! It tickled like crazy!!!!!!! None of my best friends, not even Cody, knows my phobia, and I don't plan on telling him anytime soon!

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