Phobia of Band-Aids

I have always an an extreme phobia of band-aids. Everything about them makes me cringe. Ever since a few years ago the fear has increased so much that I can't even say the word. I can't wear them. I can't stand other people wearing them. I can't even stand someone else saying the word. My biggest fear has always been finding one inside my drink or in my food. Especially in cereal. Specifically cinnamon toast crunch after it gets soggy. The thought of them being soggy puts a lump in my throat. Finding one in the pool ruins my whole day and I cannot go back into the pool. If a friend has one on I cannot touch their hands. Or touch anything that they have touched with their hands. I am even afraid of the wrapper and the sticky part that you peel off. Everything about them makes me want to throw up. The fear has advanced to things like tape and stickers. If someone is preparing my food with one on i will not eat the food. When they are pealed up on the edges or falling off it is so much worse. I hate them. And I will never use them.

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