Phobia of Babies laughing

by Cara

I really need help now! Since I was only 7 years old, I developed an extreme phobia of babies laughing, an now I'm suffering from it. This phobia is so unusual, I'm not sure that I could ever get professional help for it. From just writing this, I'm already scared to death. Shaking, crying and upset stomache.
This phobia of babies laughing effects many things in my life. Now that I'm older and this phobia has become stronger, I've hid myself from all baby dolls. I always have to have some noise playin at all times. I very often isolate myself from my little sister and brother too sometimes Becuase they histerically laugh at moments. I also stay away from public places at times in case of a baby. And this phobia even effects my sleep, too.
It all started when I went to go visit my father's house and I had to sleep in my older sister' room. Not there did I ever think that that night I'd discover something that would effect my life. My sister set an alarm clock at 12:00 at night and the ringtone was a baby laughing. I woke up terrified and couldn't even fall back asleep. Since then, I've been so terrified and it got worse and worse.
I've tried to think of it this way "It's just a laugh, it won't hurt me." But that doesn't even work. I've had friends help me, but that doesn't work either. Then I realize that pain doesn't matter , most of my fears aren't about pain. I try to watch videos of babies laughing on YouTube, but all that happens is my ears ring up and I can't hear for a while. And if this phobia doesn't get fixed, then I can't even imagine how I'm going to be like when I get older.

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