Phobia of anything coming at my face

by Sarah
(Missouri City, Tx)

When I was a child, I was nearly blind in my right eye at the age of four. I thought the cursor arrow on the computer screen was a cloud; that's how bad my vission was. The doctors said I would go blind and weanted to give a four-year-old a glass eye. One doctor suggested a "specialist" who might be able to help. He tried the best knowledge he had access to: a patch over my left eye, and drops that stung and burned in my right. My parents had to chase me around the house, catch me, pin me down, and pry my eyes open in order to put the drops in. My eyes stung and watered and swelled for over an hour every time. This went on for YEARS. I'm now almoast 17-years-old, and I have a phobia of anything coming at my face, because it might hit me in the eyes.

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