Phobia of anything besides food going in my mouth

I have an intense phobia of anything besides food going in my mouth. It is very difficult for me to brush my teeth. I have to do it so carefully that the bristles do not touch my lips or tounge. The taste of the plastics, bristles and synthetic feel, send chills down my spine. I will literally break out in a sweat brushing my teeth.

Going to the dentist is very traumatic. The cotton and pieces of paper they put in your mouth for exrays almost always makes me vomet. It is not a gag reflex thing....because i can stick my own finger down my throat with no gag reflex. The latex gloves that they where is so horrible. The slick feel against my lips and tounge is almost more than I can handle. I am fortunate that I have naturally good teeth and have had very little dental problems. I put off going to the dentist as long as I can.

Drinking out of plastic cups or eating utinsils is also an issue. My spoons and forks have to be stainless steel with no designs or color of any kind. My glass has to be made of glass with no writing or etching or coloring. I can not use plastic cups or plastic eating utensils. It makes it hard for me at picnics or work functions to be able to participate with out everyone noticing and thinking i'm NUTS!

I hate feeling like this and i wish I could just get over it. Also, brightly, neon colored food or drinks are an issue. If they are that bright grren or blue. NO WAY Jose can I put it in my mouth. My brain tells me that is must be poisen and I just can't do it. I have experience these issue my whole life. I will be 40 in May and it seems to be getting worse.

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