Phobia of any type of sports-related item. (Especially balls!)

by Julie P.
(Washington, USA)

I am currently 15 and ever since I was a little girl, I was never really good at sports and I would often get hurt while playing them. I was hit in the arm while playing soccer and had to go to the nurse, hit in the arm while standing near a soccer field, hit in the face with a wall-ball while walking behind a wall-ball wall and had to go to the nurse, hit in the chest with a basketball while trying to get in line to go back to class and had to go to the nurse, got hit in the face with a foam ball during a dodge ball-type game at least 6 times, and got hit in the face with a basketball in gym class at least 3 times. I have also been hit in the leg with a baseball bat, hit in the head with a Frisbee, and hit in the stomach with a hockey stick.
I'm pretty sure being hurt by almost every sport was the reason for my early fear of sports and sport-related items.
In fact I just realized that that fear turned into a phobia today in gym class when we were playing some game that was a mix of soccer and basketball. I was so scared I was shaking, running away, flinching, screaming, and ducking whenever the ball came near me. I even got hit in the leg with the ball and almost started crying, not because it hurt (even though it did), but because I was so scared of it.
I'm just scared that this fear is going to interfere with my P.E. grade. Should I tell my parents and teacher about it so that I can get proper help for it? Or should I just ignore it and except my bad grades in P.E.?

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