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by: Anonymous

I'm 17. I've ALWAYS hated the same imperfections as you but for me it's mostly stains,and burn spots. I hate touching them. There are burn spots on the car seat from my dad years ago, and I never sat in that seat again unless I had to. When I was little, me and my parents would have picnics, and I would sit on the grass instead of the blanket because it had stains all over it. And I hate it when things are left open. Like drawers and cabinets int he kitchen. I hate it when they are open! I cant help but close them. I also hate stains on silverware. Like rust and water stains. I have a habit of checking every fork, spoon to make sure I find a decent one. I don't go into panic like you do though, but I get a lot of anxiety.

Oh yeah!
by: Black sheets please

Forgot to mention, I have had this phobia since I was a very young child. At the time , my parents had sent me to live with my grandmother who's home was full of these type of perfections, the experience had many traumatic implications for me, (ex. Leaving my parents, being raised by my grandmother who was very elderly and sometimes cruel) her house had lots of rust and holes and imperfections. The sheets were white and clean but had spots, she had a roach infestation which was disturbing for me and everything had rust on it. I wonder if you traced this phobia back to your childhood, did you connect whatever was going on in the environment with what was going on in your life at the time? Other horrible things happened to me at my grandmothers house that no child should experience, so I think that's why I relate the tumultuous time in my life to the environment and now my life is much better, but those environmental imperfections trigger panic, anxiety, skin crawling, extreme uncomfortability, and if I allow it, I become paralyzes with fear. The tension even causes back and neck pain. What your feeling is real, at least it is too you, and that's what matters. It takes an understanding person to truly reach out in an embracing way, not to call you nuts. However, I understand that not everyone has the ability to empathize. I hope you
find the root cause for your anxiety. Be peaceful :)

Really!!! Me too! Well, I'm probably worse :(
by: Black sheets please!

Okay, I can't stand rust on anything and I prefer all dark sheets and towels because I refuse to sleep on a white sheet for feat that somewhere on it is a brown mark, hole, stain or GOD FORBID RUST!! Rust is the worse because it can become mobile if it gets wet and rubs off onto my skin, or my clothes. Which btw is another part of it, if any if these imperfect items touch water my imagination kicks into overdrive and I start to imagine that the water could somehow allow the imperfection to become mobilized.
I'm actually at a 5 star hotel right now on white sheets and I'm forcing my self not to freak out. I'm really good about not giving in to this irrational fear because I know it's based on something from my childhood that I need to deal with in therapy. However, I start to panic and itch all over if I start to thibk about it, and because it humid, I feel like every metal object around me is rusting. I can't get in the shower because the commode is so close and I think of all the imperfections in the commode. So how all of these things add up to disaster for me. I'm stuck in my room, which is gross to me, because I'm afraid to use the towels, shower, commode, sink, etc. Dirt, spots, holes, marks of any kind on on a surface where it doesnt belong, paralyzes me. I just happen to get on line to look up this probia after having it for most of my life and I was SO glad to know that someone else has a similar situation. My husband also thinks I'm ridiculous, or a clean freak, so I totally understand. I have noticed that the phobia gets worse when I'm under stress or bored. I've never mentioned this to my therapist because I am really embarrassed about it and ashamed. I think we can be helped through therapy, so that our lives won't be put on hold while we deal with the panic of this phobia. It's very uncomfortable and sometimes paralizing. But you're not alone. ;) take care.

You're not the only one..
by: Anonymous

I am a male early 20's and I have that same phobia as well. I can't touch anything burned or chipping, if I go into a restroom and there is rust anywhere my skin crawls!!! I can't even use the restroom.

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