Do You Suffer From
Phobia Of Angels?

Phobia of angels or Theophobia that is fear of God or Religion is however not a contemporary concept. History proves that primitive society was mainly based on religion. Anything, which was unknown or confusing, was very naturally associated with God or Religion. Even climatic hazards over which common people had no control were said to have connection with the divine.

Phobia of angels or theophobia is the origin or source of paganism. Most of the ancient civilizations namely the Greek, Mesopotamian, Egyptian and Indus Valley civilization believed and trusted in paganism.

Rain, storm, thunder, lightning, sun and wind were considered to be the reactions and the blessings of the Almighty God. Droughts, floods and famines were believed as outcomes of God’s dissatisfaction with the common people for whom worshipping Lord was another name of life.

The essence of phobia of angels is that if you have to live in peace and prosperity you have to abide the rules of religion. The worst part is that innumerable people is still exploited in the name of religion. In several societies till now religious dos and don’ts are regarded as social code of laws and regulations.

Phobia about angels is justifiable only to the extent of self-consciousness and the inner power to control your own faults in behavior and attitudes. However, in most cases, theophobia curbs your rational senses and you start doing and believing absurd and abnormal things.

However, treatment methods that are successful in treating theophobia are NLP and Energy Thererapy

Phobia of angels may quite naturally affect the quality of your existence and make you experience innumerable panic attacks. Fear of God or Religion may result in home confinement and keep you aloof from your friends and associates.

Some of the common symptoms of phobia of angels include:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Rapid breathing
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Sweating
  • Nausea
  • An extreme feeling of dread and anxiety

Several drugs may be fruitfully suggested for phobia of angels or theophobia, but they are never without harmful side effects. Moreover, drugs cannot cure theophobia, they can only temporarily subside the symptoms through effective chemical reactions.

Nowadays several Phobia Clinics are capable of successfully training and processing your mind making you feel free and relaxed about God and Religion.

The process is so neat and systematic that never in your life will you be haunted by this irrational fear of God or Angels. It is in fact a successful and effectual long term psychological processing.

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