How Can You Successfully Overcome Phobia For Public Speaking

A victim of phobia for public speaking is afraid of giving a speech in public or being involved in an oral examination or oral presentation particularly before a huge crowd.

However, your disability to express yourself verbally may unfortunately make you lose an excellent opportunity in matters of career or in the sphere of academics too.

Jan Heering

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Those suffering from phobia for public speaking are afraid to confront social and professional situations in life. They are mainly afraid of bad performance and social embarrassment.

In case of some individuals, they are absolutely at a loss of words due to phobia for public speaking. They stammer, they shake, they sweat and they literally make a mess of the entire situation.

They are anxious about the fact that the audience will laugh at them for being so tense and nervous. They hate to be humiliated but at the same time, they are unable to understand how can they keep themselves away from unnecessary tension and apprehension.

Now the question is when essentially does a person suffers from phobia for public speaking. It usually takes place when you experience a significant incident of agony or grief either in your daily life, leisure, work, school or family.

Once you are able to identify your condition, you should at once seek medical help and assistance and opt for a suitable phobic treatment.

Public speaking is indeed a tough job involving lots of dedication and sincerity. The primary aim of a public speaker is to impart knowledge or to make people informed and his second objective is to optimistically, motivate people through verbal interaction.

According to various surveys phobia for public speaking is one of the most common phobic incidents creating problems in the manner by which you live and express yourself.

Some simple steps to follow and overcome phobia for public speaking are:

  • Practice at home and pretend that you are having a conversation with the audience

  • Try to be eloquent especially in front of the mirror or in the presence of someone with whom you feel comfortable to speak

  • Just relax and stop worrying about how you would sound or what would happen if you commit a mistake while speaking in public

  • However, you are always free to seek assistance to rid yourself from the fear of speaking among public. You can join classes or learn the art of public speaking by listening to CDs and reading informative articles

Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP is all about reshaping and reframing your attitude and your mental framework. It brings about a drastic change in your personality and your way of perceiving various things in life.

With the help of NLP techniques and procedures, you can at length boost your inner confidence and make yourself believe that you are in no way a poor articulator. You can speak fluently, confidently and with sheer conviction.

Moreover, if also for once you are successful in your attempt and perform well in public your phobia for public speaking will be completely eradicated for the rest of your life.

NLP would help you to say no to the phobia for public speaking and enable you to rejuvenate.

Posted by Jan Heering
Master Coach, psychological trainer and author
Founder and President of the Morpheus Institute and

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