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by: Anonymous

im a 22 male.i have a massive fear of people who become angery before me,it make me feal worthless,nervous,and extremely anoxious.i feel like im about to have a panic attack,and at being at 6 foot tall i feel this is a big problem 4 me.i never talk back.i just freeze

anger phobia
by: Anonymous

i am sick to people yelling at me. i hate it when someone gets mad at me and i hate people who cant control ther anger.

Out Of Control!
by: Sheryl Ray

I am tired of people yelling at me telling me what to do i am afraid of losing controlled i just want to run away and hide!

by: Noah

we both have the same phobia D:
I begin to worried a lot whenever someone is mad at me.

by: Sheryl Ray

I am afraid of being alone, In crowds, Anger, be with any one stady!

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