Phobia Black Lines at the Bottom of Pools !

by addie
(south dakota)

Okay.. I'm a 13 yr. old girl, almost 14 and i dont know if there is something wrong with me and it may sound rediculous, but i'm scared of Swimming pool Lanes. The Black ones that are painted onto the bottom of the pool.

the weird thing about it though is that i dont mind if it is a pool thats 6ft. I panic if i have to see em. or swim over them if i am in water that is 7ft, 8ft, 9ft..etc. I absolutely will NOT go off the diving board. i Start Freaking out and i feel as if i'm like 2ft away from touching one.

When i Swimm i will not look at one. i have to look up if its over deep water. :\
another this is . . in lakes how they have Drop offs i will only go until i cant touch .. My head has to be above the water. i wont swim in lakes unless i HAVE TO.. Or when i Look at Pictures on Google hoping to no be so scared anymore i flip out if the pictures come up Huge!

Drains Freak me out too. :( ever since i was about 3. idk why..

--is there something wrong with me?

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